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Stay Safe - Stay Stylish!

#mondkapjesmetliefde - Fashion face masks made of trendy fabrics

We've been dealing with coronavirus for a while now. Among other things, we have had to protect ourselves by keeping sufficient distance and by wearing masks, mouth masks and other face protection. I immediately thought, we can also look at the bright side side and have some fun out of it. I laid my paintbrushes aside and devoted myself to making beautiful mouth masks made from specially sourced fabrics.
Designed with protection and comfort as a starting point, my handmade face masks are made of high quality and washable cotton. My mouth masks fit perfectly and have a smooth fit around the face. My comfortable face masks are made of two layers of cotton so you have the possibility to insert a tissue or filter that you can change often. 
These face masks are not suitable for medical use. They protect yourself and the ones around you.