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We ask for your understanding

Due to the legal reflection period of 14 days you can return your order if the order is still unopened. A mouth mask is a hygienic product and cannot be returned for this reason once the order has been opened. We hope for your understanding.


Damaged items

Is there a damaged item in your order, or is something broken? Annoying when something like this happens! I would like to investigate the problem and try to find a solution together with you.


Send an email to with the following information:


A copy of your proof of purchase or order number;

A photo in which the damage or defect is clearly visible;

A brief description of the defect (and how it happened, if necessary).


Then I assess the defect. If I agree you can get a new article delivered within 1 week.



With the purchase of all mouth masks I give a one month warranty. That guarantee commences on the day of purchase. Always keep a (copy of) your receipt or order number as a guarantee certificate! If you can't find both, unfortunately I can't help you further.


Cancel or change order

I work with a semi-automated system which makes it difficult to change or cancel orders placed. Nevertheless, if anything, send me an email as soon as possible. I always look for the best solution.

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